Who we are?

June 2010 is when this wonderful journey began. We started with just an idea. But, as we all know, it takes just one idea to change society for the better. One idea became one event; and one event inspired positive change. The process was repeated, and before we knew it, our journey led us to become the first Omani company providing programs to develop and inspire skills, knowledge and behaviors in our society.

Now, over ten years later, we’ve become a leading light for creating sustainable social impact across the Sultanate. And, through the power of Corporate Social Innovation and Investment initiatives, we’re getting brighter and brighter by the day!

We’re loving this journey we’re on. And we hope you’ll join us. Because by working together, we all have a future to look forward to.


Youth Vision has a vision to be the number one partner of choice in Oman for organizations that value sustainable social impact.


To create sustainable corporate social innovation solutions that positively impact our society, and that are highly feasible to implement

Our innovative teams